Why Christopher Has Really Bad Allergies Right Now

And because he loved them, he built them the great and spacious Dog Mahal. A safe haven from the impending storms. And King Ralph and the The Duchess cried out!
"Oh thank you Master Christopher! The straw is so soft! The plywood so sturdy! The upside down swimming pool will yet keep us dry from the rain and snow! The old closet doors will protect us if ever a big wind shall threaten this superior sanctuary! Truly thou lovest us, thy noble hounds!"
And then King Ralph gave a thunderous bark (as he does frequently in the early hours of the morn) as if to give his aristocratic approval. All was well and Master Christopher felt accomplished.
Even The Duchess who is known throughout the land for only doing three tasks in her life (that of, eating dog food, eating Ralph's poo, and destroying anything that is lovely or of good report) entered the edifice with glee.
And thus all was well at the little gray house, at the end of the street, with the red door and metal window coverings, in the South Central Kingdom of the city in which we call Provo in the state known as Utah. And so it is written.

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