Thursday, October 27, 2005

What's More Sci Fi Than Lost Tribes?

Last night Christopher took me to the late showing of Serenity. He said to me "I think you will like are sort of a science fiction chick." Huge compliment from the husband.
Tis true I once had a love affair with one, Ray Bradbury. The Veldt is my favorite short story ever. To me, Bradbury is a prophet and an author. I can envision his weird stories coming true. Couldn't you see some fanatic parents buying a home with a techno nursery that changes scenery from brain waves? Stephanie said that New Jersey parents are that way. I believe it.
All this to say that sometimes I think science fiction is more real than non-fiction. It's all about perception and now I sound like Madonna as of late.
I also have a great respect for the Druids. A favorite topic to study with my students is the origin of customs and traditions. Today, for example, we studied Halloween. It was a real pleasure, a good way to pass six hours of your day and I am not kidding.
Thank the Druids for pumpkin carving, trick-or-treating and costumes. And not to spoil the upcoming holidays, but they pretty much OWN all of the Christmas traditions as well. Creative pagan creatures those Druids.
I think they might be that lost tribe that some people say are living under the ice caps in the North. Blah, blah, blah doctrine I don't understand, blah, blah, blah.
Hopefully I am part Druid.
" I part Druid?"
Unless they had something to do with Stonehenge - that place creeped me out.
By-the-way I really liked the movie. In the end there was this intense cameo by a familiar actress, Sarah Paulsen. On the way home Christopher and I were trying to place her. Thank heavens for IMDb. She was in a tender episode of Touched By An Angel with my angel, Christopher. (Thank the good people of Japan -we are still getting residual checks from that episode). Touch By An Angel in Japan-now there is some good sci fi.