The Conversation On The Way To The Temple

Christopher and I took the YW/YM to do baptisms for the dead today.
I need to record this conversation between two brothers on the way to the temple. It was life changing:

Calvin: Do you know what the best movie ever made is?
Tomas: Flowers for Algernon
Calvin: No. Wrong.
Tomas: You don't even know about Flowers for Algernon
Calvin: So what?
Tomas: It's about this boy who has a really low IQ and...
Calvin: The best movie ever made is The Pit and the Pendulum
Me: Poe?
Calvin: No. Wrong. I mean not the movie screen version.
Tomas: He has this really low IQ and...
Calvin: YOU have a really low IQ. Probably a 5
Tomas: Uh, Calvin...
Calvin: So what? You can never sit down long enough to watch The Pit and the Pendulum with me.
Tomas: Uh, Calvin... if I had an IQ score of 5 I would be dead
Calvin: So what? No. Wrong.
Tomas: A normal IQ is anywhere between 90 and 109
Calvin: You have a 75 then
Tomas: Uh, Calvin...
Calvin: If you could at least watch 5 minutes of The Pit and the Pendulum with me I would...
Tomas: Uh, Calvin...if I had an IQ score of 75 I would be severely stupid
Calvin: You ARE severely stupid
Tomas: I know I am not severely stupid because I took an internet IQ test
Me: Oh look. We're here.
I am smirking, Christopher is not. Definitely not funny to him.
We are rethinking our desire for children.

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