Two Letters

Dear Chris, Lisa and Miles, For FHE tonight we watched Stalking Santa I just wanted you to know:1.) My favorite part of the whole movie is when Lloyd dusts off the piano and Clarence joins in on the bass.2.) Lisa you were so BEAUTIFUL and so funny in the whole movie, but especially when you flip the burgers at Burgers Supreme.3.) Miles was perfect. Perfect. And some more perfect.Wasn't funny when my husband chokes up over charred elves?Loved it!Sincerely,
Dear Thai Chili Garden, as per my meal tonight, I have now consumed forty gallons of your Mussaman With Tofu. Usually I give my potatoes to my husband, but not tonight. I ate the potatoes, tofu and the most excellent cashews atop your fantastic jasmine rice. Tonight's order was especially thick -just the way I like it. Thanks for knowing what we want before we sit down. Thank your ten year old slave grandchild who waits on us like an eager waitress looking for a sweet tip. You are worth the extra gas we have to use now that you have moved to that tomb of a restaurant in Orem (which is nice as long as I don't have to look at the fish tank).When we eat at your restaurant (a couple times a month) we drive to Target where my husband gives me twenty bucks to spend on a prize. Do you know why he does that? It's because your Mussaman With Chicken puts him in a very, very good mood.Remember when you catered our sealing dinner? That was awesome (except that our grandparents thought it was too spicy -silly old folks!)Anyway TCG, you're too good to me!
That customer that always wears sweats with the tall husband

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