Called To Serve Fish And Chips

Tonight I went to Salt Lake City with the second counselor in the bishopric and his wife, my first councilor in YW. We went to a meeting hosted by the General YW Presidency. I have decided that YW Presidents, in general, look akin to their Laurels, whether by coincidence or by choice I know not (I still look like a Beehive, cause I'm a shortie).
Ah, but it wasn't long ago that I was in YW pleading with my bishop (DAD) for the young, hip women in the ward to be my leaders. The newly marrieds were suctioned straight to Primary- something about "needing the preparation". This left the middle aged women to fend for the posts in YW ("So...who wants to be the camp director?) or the Homemaking Board. The older ladies were resigned to R.S. singing "Sisters in Zion" and making staunchy comments.
But those middle aged ladies, they turned out alright, cause I turned out alright.
We talked about this later, the three of us, as we sat a downtown bar, eating fish and chips.

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