The Bread Of Life

"So what do you do for date night?" I was recently asked.
"You mean date life?" I replied.
I work 9-3 and Christopher is an actor. When you are an actor you have an agent that calls you with auditions or, more hopefully, work. Otherwise you are at home checking off your wife's to-dos or working on side projects -like photography. You take your wife to lunch every other day and when she can't leave work, you pick it up for her.
I am really quite spoiled in this regard. My husband and I practically do everything together whenever we want. I used to feel guilty like I needed to extend myself more. When the day came where I had to go to Costco alone I cried for a good solid hour. Then I bucked up and went (I even paid with my own Visa card!) Co-dependency, I self-diagnosed. But after awhile I began to see that this lifestyle is a gift -a God-given gift of love. So as I see it, my situation is pretty sweet.
For instance today. The crappy four o'clock hour (come on, everybody hates it!) had me swimming in a list of things I needed to do, authored by my conscious.
"Let's go get a slice of bread." I yelled down the hall to Christopher.
That means that we go to Great Harvest where we buy a loaf and then they ask us if we would like a slice of bread. I like the honey whole wheat (boring) and Christopher likes the cinnamon or pumpkin (fat). No butter for me, yes for him. Then we went to Costco to buy produce, then to Target to look at we haven't see since we were there last on Saturday, then home.
Oh and we do things for other sometimes. Like last night Christopher took pictures for my mother's city council campaign flyer (and she looked like a freakin' supermodel with compassion for politics). Sometimes we shop at D.I. so that the cashiers can get paid.
While we were on our way to get bread we spotted a friend in the intersection from our old ward. He and his wife were in the same infertility boat until some rich guy stepped in and bought them a couple expensive Petri dishes.
He yelled out the window "Any kids yet?" His carseat glared at me from the back of the car.
"Nope!" I yelled back.
I watched his car make a left hand turn and drive away.
"Maybe I will try the cinnamon blueberry today" I said to Christopher.
Cause he's my homeslice.

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