Exemplar Templars

Today a dream of mine came true as I was treated to a tour of Sanpete County by Janna--She of a Humble Mt. Pleasant Birth, and her lovely daughter Maya. I saw her high school (GO TEMPLARS), her town library, her house next to the road where the sheep run down in the fall and up in the spring. I had my first picadilly, frost lemonade, and bought homemade tutus for my girls at the Ephraim Co-Op.

I heard about how she used to drive into Moroni to her orthodontist appointment and turkey feathers would scatter about the road--natural debris from all the turkey farms in the valley. I saw the sledding hills, and the horse trails that she haunted with her pony Cricket in her adventurous childhood. I drank straight from the cooling spring in Spring City where her parents live now. I heard about what it was like to be the daughter of a rural doctor in a community small enough to only require two doctors total. Hint: her father delivered her little sister Katie.

It was also interesting to see how much Sanpete County honors their Scandinavian roots. I remember when my friend Mica told me that as a white person I would greatly benefit from learning more about my heritage and insert that culture into my life. Sometimes us white folks forget where we came from and we end up borrowing other cultures. My people are Norwegian. My parents did a great job keeping the Norwegian spirit alive in our family. They even took me to Norway when I was sixteen. I need to pass that on to my kids. WE ARE VIKINGS DAMNIT!

One thing is for sure, I swear on this blog a lot more than I used to. It comes with whorish clothing choices I guess (see: previous post).

Most of all, I loved peeking into the past of my friend's life. Putting together puzzle pieces of who she is and how she lived before I knew her. Sanpete County has raised some of my favorite people on this earth. Whatever they're doing down there in that pastoral desert-and turkey-valley is working.

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