5 Awesome Things

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1. My friends and your favorite gospel-country-folk group The Lower Lights came out with a new album this week. I'm going to give some away on my vlog on Monday, but just in case you can't wait you can buy the album here. I think it's their most bluesy, southern, bold album to date. I also think I might buy a whole case of them and give them to friends, family and neighbors for Christmas. (Please note: if you are a friend, family member or neighbor of mine do not buy this album for yourself because I plan on giving it to you for Christmas.)

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2. Provo, did you hear about this Fall Dining Round going on tomorrow afternoon in downtown Provo? For $10/$15 a couple you can walk around our bustling downtown and sample food from our eclectic food scene. This will include my favorite thing right now: Station 22's Wasatch Home Brewed Root Beer. It's crisp and dry, just like you like it.

3. Speaking of things to drink, last night I was in charge of a church function for the women in our ward and I decided was going to make wassail. You know what? Suddenly I became obsessed with making wassail. I poured over recipes, talked it over with more experienced wassail aficionados and borrowed different kinds of cinnamon sticks and cloves. I can say this recipe is the most simple, delicious and likely to have ingredients you already have at your house. Join me in making this holiday the year of the wassail! The smell alone of sweet and spice wafting through your house is worth making it daily. (You might also consider greeting people this season with a cheery WASSAIL? instead of WASSUP? as you go about your season socializing.)

4. Indeed the season is upon us and yesterday it snowed in Provo for the first time. My girls were so excited that they wasted no time getting out ALL of the their snow gear to welcome the light dusting that landed on our lawn. I considered pointing out that they were over-dressed for the occasion (bibs, parkas, gloves, hats, scarves, face masks) but who am I to kill the buzz? Anson went over to the neighbors and made a snowman (or a snow-leaves-dirt-man) with his best friends Asher and Maya. I don't think I've ever loved a snowman so much: photo 0DAFC3A0-B350-480F-B203-8BAA5199E6C7_zpsrfe4yif1.jpg

5. I found these cheap Christmas ornaments the other day and fell in love with their shape, color and plastic bubbly look. So I bought them to make earrings out of them. Is this awesome? I can't tell, but my earlobes think so:
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Which reminds me: my post on Instagram talks about the word "flattering" today. I try to dismiss it as much as I can. You can see why here.

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Have a good weekend everyone!

Thanks for stopping by.

Even though I wear Christmas ornaments for earrings.

And stuff.

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