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Google Fiber is like family to me. They invite me to their parties and meetings, they feed me, the give me gifts. I hug them when I see them. When they ask me for favors I do whatever they ask.

A couple weeks ago they asked me to go to a photoshoot at Justin Hackworth's studio to promote their huge event billed as THE WORLD'S LARGEST SCAVENGER HUNT I said sure, no problem. But when I arrived that day I found myself embraced by some of my favorite "Provo celebrities" and that was even before DONNY OSMOND WALKED INTO THE ROOM AND STARTED SIDE HUGGING ME.

Don't you love it when mayors kiss babies? Oh my gosh I know, me too.
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Anyway, here's the thing: this scavenger hunt is set to happen this Saturday, September 13th. In order to make it THE WORLD'S LARGEST there has to be at least 925 hunters (a judge from Guinness World Records will be there to make things legitimate). The hunt will take you all over Provo from restaurants to museums and service projects and you can sign up to be in teams from 2 people to 8 people. It's for everyone--families and friends and ward groups and roller derby teams and book clubs and senior citizen brigades.

And if I know Google Fiber like I know my own family, I'm sure there will be on tons of prizes (and t-shirts) for participants. Also, there's going to be a massive party that night including the sounds of Ryan Innes and my favorite DJ Skratchmo at the Convention Center downtown.

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If you want to see more of me and Donny SCROLL DOWN.
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You should see our family reunions. Ha!

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