Greetings from Provo, Utah!

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I am in a love affair with my neighborhood these days. I am constantly amazed at the people I get to associate with every day as we raise our children, tend to our lawns and work out our existence together. We have Cory the contractor, Chauncey the famous Mormon philosopher, Jessica the Political Science professor, Erin the contemporary dancer, Jamin the Urban Lit professor, Lili the book maker,  Simy the baker, Susan the mother, Taysom the quarterback, Zina the head nurse, Mindy the singer songwriter, the list goes on...

Jeff the curator of contemporary art at the BYU MOA has introduced me to the artist Kim Schoenstadt. Her creations use architecture, math, 3d images, sculpture, cubes, history and lots of interesting colors. They really interest me.
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Sightline Series: La Jolla, Ca., 2012, Photo with collage mounted on bristol board, 19 x 24 inches.

And the great news is that she is here at the BYU MOA to create a landscape of Provo! AND, she's looking for volunteers to help her paint it. There are still some shifts left (see below). If you don't live here, or you can't help at this time, you can follow her blog about it here. You"ll also note that this mural will include some beloved Provo landmarks present and past--like the Ream's turtle shell store and the Startup Candy factory in south central Provo.
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I've said it before, I'll say it again: it's a good time to live in Provo. The only problem is trying not to be the boring/talentless/uninteresting one on your street...good luck to us all!

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