Somedays I Write, Somedays I Listen, Somedays I Dream

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I don't have a lot to say today. I've got a head full of dreams and schemes. I want to teach a private blogging workshop here in downtown Provo and eat at my favorite local eateries during the session. I want to get my Masters degree. I'm thinking a lot about sending Anson to school (or not) in the fall. I am hoping for good news with the Rooftop Concert Series. I've started a month of fasting.

All these things.

And more.

Thanks to Michelle from Hope and Healing I've spent a good portion of my morning being educated by neurosurgeon Dr. Donald Hilton about how learning sculpts our brain structure and how addiction is powerful form of learning and memory.

I have spent many years skeptical that sexual and food addictions exist. Along with the rest of the scientific and psychological community, I am slowly coming around. This morning I learned the term "natural addiction"--compulsive consumption of natural reward. These addictions in fact are chronic diseases of the brain affecting memory, reward and motivation. After Dr. Hilton's speech, I am finding it hard to be a critic of these addictions, and I agree they aren't just moral weaknesses, they are actual, diagnosable brain disorders.

It's sorta blowing me away right now.

We'll see what tomorrow brings.

p.s. Isn't Provo pretty?

Speaking of Provo and downtown and eateries:
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