Erin in A Puffy Dress + The Most Frequently Asked Question On This Blog Of All Time

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When Ever was a sweet, bubble of a baby we took pictures of her in an amazing dress kept through the decades from a hopeful mother who never had a daughter.

Yesterday, one of the greatest humans I ever hope to know--Rachel Schutz, or Darlybird--dropped by a dress for Erin Caroline inspired by Ever's puff ball dress photos. This beauty was purchased at a thrift store in Sacramento and is so old, the zipper nearly disintegrated when we put Squish in it. It's a birthday cake dress, doesn't look like something you'd pick out of a bakery store window frosted with ribbons and curls?



(If retro filters were invented for one moment, it was this.)

The little human gateau looked so delicious in her frock, she protested against taking it off. She spent the afternoon wobbling around, proud as a peacock, babbling on and on. So I put a tiny bow in her hair to complete the ensemble. (She hasn't been bowed-up much since birth, poor third baby, so a bow is really something.)


And now, my two puffy pastries side by side:

Egads! I want seven more!

Thanks Rachel!

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AND NOW! The most asked question on this blog since forever:

How do you get those bows to stick on your baby's head?


In times past, I have said a non-toxic, water soluble glue stick does the trick, but luckily I now have a better solution. My clever cousin Katie launched a new product called Girlie Glue made with agave nectar and other natural ingredients specifically cooked up for this situation. A petite dab on the bow sticks really well and washes off with a few drops of water. And no one calls DCFS on you!


It's better than honey, karo syrup, and glue. Much less awkward than KY Jelly (have mercy, putting lubricants on our babies heads!) And 100% HONEY FREE.

Here's the website--there's a buy 5 get 1 free discount going on right now. May I suggest baby gifts? Yes? Ok, pick up some for baby gifts! What a great idea!

Rachel sells Darlybird out of her store in downtown Provo Harmony. Perhaps the best place in Utah County to shop for delightful stocking stuffers, colorful yarn for your crafter friends and the most gorgeous fabric with global and modern designs. Plus, it's just a very happy place.
315 E Center Street, Provo
Phone: (801) 615-0268

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