Kiwi Crate is Great

A couple of weeks ago my sister Lucy came over and made salty, pinkish playdough with my children while I did my dishes. When the last pot was scrubbed and wiped thoroughly for drying I turned around to see my Chief at the dinner table intensely rolling out warm dough, flattening it out back and forth, readying it for the imprint of his beloved dinosaur cookie cutter.

It surprised me.

I don't do much crafts with my kids. We have an industrial-size roll of butcher paper for the kids to roll out and scribble on, paint over, glue to death, and sometimes we make sugar cookies for our own creative and gestational pleasures, but crafts? Not so much.

Seeing The Chief so enamored with this project, using his hands and head simultaneously made me think I was missing opportunities to create with my children. And Ever is our inhouse artist, always calling for colors and paper, colors and paper, colors and if paper won't do then the gold walls in the living room will.

[Cue Ever: eating salty, pinkish playdough.]

Last week BlogHer asked if I'd like to check out Kiwi Crate, children's craft company with a really big idea: every month your children receive a box in the mail with two to three craft projects inside. Together, you sit down and make something. Something  pretty, or scientific, or imaginative.

I was intrigued, and coupled with my latest findings on The Chief's interest in handiwork, I said I'd check it out.
On my birthday I told The Chief and Ever they had a present to open. We're trying to wipe the term "holy crap!" from my son's vocabulary so instead he said, "holy gosh!" seven times on the way to the table. The boy was beyond excited.

Then this happened:

I want to add that this is an excellent way to build a cache of craft material. After we made the rocket and the space mobile we had MORE THAN enough tape, paper, planets to make more pieces of art. It's cheaper too. Brilliant.

Check out Kiwi Crate here!

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