Dear Readers,

Thank you for all the encouraging comments you made on my Body Talk post.

"Possibly the best thing you've ever written. Honest, open & poignant. You said it but there are millions of us who needed to hear it."

"You wrote this for me. Thank You."

"This will be printed and read over and over again. Thank you."

"Destined to become a classic!"

"I am printing this and taking it with me everywhere. Thank you."

"Can a blog post win the Pulitzer?"

"virtual make out with you for that post."

"Just amazing. I am in awe of your honesty, humility, intelligence, and writing.

"Your writing is truly a gift, to you and to us! This should be picked up and published as widely as possible."

Again, thank you. I felt pretty vulnerable writing it, but knew I had to post it.

I sent this post over to my editor at the Deseret News and they published it this morning. I am hoping these truths about the intelligence of our bodies can reach beyond my blog's scope. If you have a second, and you think this post was worth sharing, would you mind posting the link on facebook/twitter/pinterest/email/pony express/esp?

Here's the link:

Again, thank you. A million times. I feel like this is my mission in life and you're helping me accomplish it. I owe you.

-C. Jane

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