Well Played Trevor Christensen

Justin Hackworth couldn't be taking professional photography at our Rooftop Concert last Friday (as he usually does) because he was in Idaho taking photos of a wedding. Because, as you can see JUSTIN HACKWORTH IS A WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER! But he called me an hour before the concert and sarcastically said,

"Well, while you are at the concert, I am going to be at the Rexburg Farmers Market. So don't feel bad for me."

And I didn't.

Instead, you know what I did? I found Justin's replacement Trevor Christensen (boyfriend of Emily Brown) (BUY HER ALBUM YOU WILL LOVE IT) and said to him,

"Look, I don't usually do this with Hackworth, but I am going to get real specific here. The reason why you are here is to take pictures of me. Got it?"

And he looked at me with his hero-like hair and baby face and said,

"Got it."


First off, a picture of me onstage with Troy from Basa Body. You know Troy, former cheerleader at the U of U? Yes. That's him. He's also the owner of the Human Slingshot (which, yes I have done).

Oh and here is one of me signaling to the crowd "I CAAAAN'T HEEEEAR YOUUUU!" You know, the old MAKE SOME NOISE trick? Classic. And yes, I am wearing a Threadband and yes, Ashlee did my hair all sorts of righteous. I almost had her shlack it so I could have that up-do until I was resurrected.

And look what's next. It's me and your favorite person MINDY GLEDHILL. Mindy has more adoring, enamored and sing-along fans then just about anyone out there. Did you hear we did a song together? And our placentas danced in unison? But really, that was incredibly fun for me and I think our duets are getting better. Happy maternity leave Mindiddle!

I love this next photo because it's me with a bunch of talented famous people. Kendra Lowe, Sam Payne, Meaghan Smith and Trilby Cope's hair.

Next, a couple photos of me with John Curtis Mayor Extraordinaire who is onstage with me doing a giveaway. The giveaway went to a kid in the audience who danced the entire night. He was so jubilant and hard-to-miss we just started calling him "Dancer Boy" from the stage.

[This would be a great place for a photo of me with Dancing Boy. Hackworth would've had it. Just kidding Christensen.]

Here's a person I love, Amanda from Halftee. Her red Halftee was made special for the night. It said "Rooftop Concert 6/3/11!" Impressive seeing how this woman has six kids and runs a successful business--how did she have time to make a special Halftee? I can't even find time to make a special bowl of cold cereal.

And then came my pantomime of tea drinking. Riveting performance I heard someone call it.

After this point my BFF from Nova Scotia came on the stage and folks, there was delight in all directions.I'm going to say one of the best performers Provo has ever seen. And that includes Elton John at the Marriott Center, Taylor Hicks at LES and 2 Live Crew at Atchafalaya. 

If you think she's cute, you should hear her voice. I just checked my thesaurus and I couldn't find the word that describes her. Exceptional? Remarkable? Surprising? Charming? Absorbing? Ok, put all of those in a basket and you've got Meaghan Smith. And I've got one word for her husBAND Jason: hand-some.

And to prove we are cross-the-border BFFs, we planned this hand signal count-down without using our consciousness:

Ok, enough about me. There was you. There was a lot of you:

Warming up with Ryan Innes.

Would you say Meaghan is memorizing?

Uh, I would.

I keep waiting for the first Rooftop Concert to flop. The evening where I say, "Well, that one stunk" but this was not it. Not it at all. This one will go in the record books for one of the best. And yes, Trevor Christensen, your name will be in that book too.

Hackworth, you've got some shoes to fill.

Check out Trevor's All My Friends Are Monsters project here.

And, as always, you hope to see me at the next concert.

Er, I mean, I hope to see you at the next concert.

Ok, maybe both?

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