Ten Little Things

Last week I was lunching with Meaghan and her husband Mingo. We talked a lot about being creators of certain art and how we, as the producers felt about our performance. Meaghan shared an intuitive piece of advice on how to feel confident in what we do.

"I have a list of eight things I can control, if I do these eight things I feel good about it."

Then she said,

"That could work for mothering eh?"

(Eh, because she's Canadian.)

So I took some time to come up with a list of ten things (ten, because I am American) I would like to accomplish every day. Ten things that would make me feel like I did my best. And then I thought, heck, (heck, because I am Utahan) maybe I could share them with the world.

Here they are in no important order:

1. Morning and evening prayers of gratitude.

2. Study truth and gain enlightenment (scripture, books, ideas).

3. Go for a walk, alone, and think.

4. Write.

5. Zone duties. (My mom taught me to order my house into zones, and every day have one zone to clean, organize and make brilliant. So Zone One is the upstairs and gets the treatment on Mondays etc.)

6. Connect with each child face-to-face (or womb).

7. Supply three meals of some sort. Even if that's a tray of fruit, nuts and toast.

8. Put my face in the sun--even for a moment. I always feel better when my face has nodded at the sun.

9. Drink 64 oz of water--imperative when pregnant. I dry out like a fish on the beach if I don't stay hydrated.

10. Conjugality with Chup.

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