Only My Children Call Me Mommy

I read this article today about Mormon mommy bloggers.
I'd like to abolish that label. I really, really would, and with it the sweeping term "mommy blogger" as well (unless it is a blog specific to raising children, of course). It never ceases to annoy me that a woman on the internet who happens to have religion and children in her home has to be given a label that carries with it no real distinction (there are huge differences blogging genres--a design blog is not a writer's blog) or definition (does a Mormon mommy blog have to have posted a certain number of Polaroid-ish pictures to be considered legit?)

or dignity (you should see some of the comments I get on my more controversial Des News columns, "What does she know? She's just a mommy blogger!")

I know, I know, there are bigger problems out there, but there's nothing like feeling a little fire in yer belly.

You can chat with me on facebook about it here.

p.s. Sarah Sample will be in town this weekend to open for The Abbey Road Show. And warming up the stage is Cherie Call and Sam Payne. Do Mormom mommy bloggers put on such incredible shows? If so, I AM A MORMON MOMMY BLOGGER.

And tomorrow on C. Jane I'll answer: What exactly is The Abbey Road show?
Hint: it gets sexy.

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