Father's Day Recommendation


No Father's Day gift list this year.

Don't get me wrong. Great idea, and past posts on "guy stuff" have been well received, but because my dear Janer is pregnant (didja hear?) and I've been working "movie hours," we'd decided to sit this year out.

Until my friend Jacob Hoehne called. Jacob's company has been doing some video production for Little Giant Ladders.

If you haven't heard of them, you've probably seen their infomercials or run into their booths in Costco.

I've lusted after a Little Giant for some time. Maybe covet is a more appropriate word. Super engineered, durable, cool-looking. If you've been to one of the Rooftoop Concert Series shows, the lanterns are hung using one every time.

Hung using a Little Giant ladder borrowed from my friend Scott Wiley every time. And every time I borrow it, I take a little longer to return it. One of these days......


Jacob said: "The company wants to see if you like this new "smaller" ladder they've got, can I bring you the one I'm using for shooting so you can try it?"

On the inside I'm saying; "Smaller?" "Did he say smaller?"

Because, you know, smaller equals less manly when it comes to tools, right? Unless it's that lazer-watch that James Bond had. That had to be small. By it's nature. C'mon.

On the outside I'm saying; "Sure, sweet, bring it by."

So Jacob drops it by and right off I know it's rad. It's like a miniature version of all of the ratchety-snappity, beefy, sleek, transformer-like cool goodness of a full-sized Little Giant Ladder.

30 seconds after "playing" with it, it's official:

The Little Giant Select Step is my 2011 Father's Day Gift Recommendation.

Take your basic step ladder. Make it stronger, more stable, and add 90 features. I love the wheels and that it can stand on stairs.

And it's got a freaking drink holder.

All the tech specs you need here.

Jacob says they've got them at Home Depot. (Cheaper than on the website!)

I say he better get down there because he's not likely to get his back anytime soon.



BONUS: Here are some Select Step promo videos that may or may not include about 9 of my acting friends from the area: link

BONUS UPDATE: Somehow missed these in the original post. AWEsome.

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