Oh Hey You,

You look gorgeous today. 

Just like the Hope of Spring. I am serious. Is that a new set of energy you're wearing? I can tell, it's radiant. I bet there isn't a cloud in your sky today, it's all sunny and daffodils.


Can't I flatter you a bit?


Ok yes, yes I am trying to butter you up. See my friends (the band) Fictionist, the nicest guys in the world, are fighting for a chance to be on the cover of Rolling Stone and the competition is fierce. (Fierce like you, grrrrr girl!) They need us to rate them 5 STARS before the end of Wednesday so they can advance in the competition.

You are 5 STARS in my book (just so we're clear).

Listen, they aren't paying me to put this up on my blog. They aren't giving me any sort of back-end back stage pass. I am just a true fan doing what true fans do. (On a related note, I am also a fan of yours.)

If you have one little itty bitty second will you (pretty) please (with sugar and lollipops on top) go vote for them?

You will?

You will?

Oh my Sunbeams, thank you thank you thank you.

Rate them 5 STARS by going here.

(It takes 2 teeny seconds to vote!)

(And I was serious about everything I said, previously, above, about you, you know, HUGE FAN.)

Also, here is their latest video filmed by your favorite guy (he loves you too, I'm sure) Jed Wells:

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