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This past year Chup and I worked side-by-side at home, on the computer, in meetings and on the road. We equally took care of babies and business, having lunches and nap times. It was quite the year.

Now Chup is gone five days a week, working long hours as a segment producer for a movie. For the past few weeks I've been the main show, the diaper changer, the cook, cleaner and toddler entertainer. I've returned to my roots as the epic stay at home housewife who struggles to maintain the homestead and keep the posterity alive (whilst growing another one internally). Forget POTUS, this is the biggest job in the world--the responsibilities are vast, the days are long and it can be a bit lonely sometimes.

BUT, I had forgotten how much I love it--the daily challenge of body, spirit and mind. The rewarding moment at the end of the day when all is quiet and rest is mine reminds me--this is holy work.

I am happy.


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