Title: Snow Back to Where You Came From


We got snowed in after Thanksgiving in Idaho. I mean, snowed in like, we couldn't leave my in-laws (Ringo and Honey's) house because of treacherous conditions just outside our front door. Snow drifts, wind whips, immobilization.

Then they closed the road back to Utah, the Great Deseret (we call it), and so we declared ourselves home-bound and proceeded to go stir crazy:

Out of complete anxiety came my epic eating an entire batch of Honey's chocolate-chip oatmeal cookies laced with cinnamon. An entire batch! The stomach pains! The cramping! Oh how it ravaged my insides and tasted so good.

The Chief bossed everyone around using a highly unusual commander voice, "I WANT MO' MILK!" I hated it because I was supposed to, but deep inside my mothering soul, I actually thought it was funny.

We watched the Bee Movie four times because it was a left-over on Tivo from Thanksgiving night. I am really trying to refrain from negative statements on my blog and in real life, but man that movie is stu... I can't do it. It has a good moral...there, Inner Pollyanna--you happy now?

Honey and I watched Beyonce's Thanksgiving Special. Ringo calls her Bounce. After it was over I secretly went downstairs and tried to see if I could still bounce like Beyonce. Maybe I can, maybe I cannot.

I decided that there is no such thing as TMI. We should all be sharing.

We also watched an overload of dramatic football. Boise St. v. Nevada. Alabama v. Auburn. BYU v. Utah--actually we didn't watch that one because it was broadcast on a lam...(refraining) station call the Mountain and the general population in Idaho don't get that station. So I listened to it by KSL via the web hooked up to the tv speakers. Technology in 2010, I swear.

I kicked Chup's rear in air hockey. Twice. And it was so hard for me not to rub it in. I married a sensitive guy, and I'd like to keep him that way. I WON! I WON! I KICKED YOUR...(calming down now).

We taught The Commander in Chief how to play air hockey. Every time he scored a goal he'd yell, "TURKEY!"

We put Ever Jane on the floor downstairs to scoot around while we checked the weather conditions and assessed if we could leave for home. She became so bored she started climbing the stairs. I AM NOT READY FOR THIS EVER JANE, YOU HEAR MAMA? NOT READY, GO BACK TO ROLY POLY.

Chup and I went through a hard pack of Ginger Ale. Being snowed in leads to heavy drinking, you should know. In case it ever happens to...you know...you.


I prayed my sister in law Kentucky and her family across town would come and visit. They tried. And got stuck in a large, unforgiving snowdrift. After Chup and Ringo set out to rescue them they turned around and went back to where they came from. This left me feeling even more destitute. I ate three more cookies.

I once thought being snowed in was a romantic adventure. It had its moments of pure excitement, I'm not going to lie. But listen, there was a lot of bloating involved so in the end, I just don't recommend it.

Thanksgiving photos for your pleasure:

Oh the forceful intimidation of The Commander:

Grandma Caroline, thanks for the sweet potatoes and broccoli salad!

Grandpa Bert, and please say hello to Jiggs:

Ever has her Aunt Heather to thank for the brown eyes:

Ringo with Mia, Chup says, "We lost the battle of the Thanksgiving headgear to Mia."

Pre-feast mingle:

Because prunes for breakfast, that's what:

Phun holds our favorite little "Field Mouse" Mia.

The Commander, Is everyone in line?

I get chills looking at that last one...

Basa Body winner, was it...you?

Andrew's post BYU v Utah game, it still hurts a little.

I am Courtney Kendrick an we are home, safe and sound.
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