I Hope This Makes You Happy

Hey You.

I love you. I do. I am a wee bit tired tonight. I had to rock Ever through a turbulent three-hour plane ride (why do I still feel like I am on that plane bouncing around?) But I wanted to make sure that tonight, or tomorrow or next Saturday--whenever you read this--that I have done something to cheer your soul. A gift wrapped up in internet--if you will. That is why I am going to bow out of writing tonight and instead post this Jed Well's video of my friend Sarah Sample at a famous taco shop (Diego's) here in Provo. Sarah is a singer songwriter with a new album coming out produced by Scott Wiley and it is my kind of music. Also seen in this video is Ryan Keep It Simple Tanner and Paul Auto Delivery Jacobsen and a couple other musically minded folk. That makes a whole company of my most talented friends working together on one project.

And you know, my friends are your friends:

Three things I wish for in my life:
1. Hair to my bumline (or waistline, whichever comes first . . .)
2. Life supply of Jess Simp shoes.
3. Sarah Sample's voice.

Is that a tall order for a short girl???

p.s. if you want another gift to unwrap listen to Apocalypse Wow by Paul Jacobsen & The Madison Arm.

I am c jane and add a good night's sleep to that list. Number four.
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