Improving the Shining Moments

Before you continue on with this post,
you should click "play" on my video, and then read my post as it plays. It will actually enrich your post-reading experience. What? I am not kidding.

Every morning I try to practice the piano. This post is not about that, though.

I would say I am--oh--moderate at piano playing. And you know what? I don't mind being moderate in any realm, I actually seek out moderation. Except I am not moderate in my chest size, but I can't do anything about that right now. Or for the next six months really. Or ever. Really.

I choose to practice my moderate piano skills using the LDS Hymnal. I sit down at the piano bench and flip through the book until it stops flipping and whatever hymn physics sees fit to fall open I play. Unless it has more than one sharp or flat, or both (some of those 17th century tunes do not use flats lightly-- you know). I like a solid non-sharp/flat hymn like Sweet Hour of Prayer. Sweet Hymn of No Sharps or Flats is more like it. Sweet Hour of No Needing To Pray During This Practice, that works too.

As you will hear--from the video--sharps are hard for my moderate piano playing skills.

(Have you heard that part yet?)

The point is, the hymn fate chose for me this morning was Improving the Shining Moments. Maybe you can tell from the video I've never heard this particular hymn before. But the title intrigued me and as I played I thought about the concept.

Improve the Shining Moments. Interesting.

Because usually I feel admonished to improve the crappy moments. Or the hopeless, lonely moments. But what if I let those go, and I actually took time to improve the good in my life? Take the best of what I experience and enhance it with even better results.

Improve the shining moments made me also think about perfection. I seek perfection as the opposite of imperfection. Maybe improving the shining moments means I realize perfection is all around me as long as I am grateful. And imperfection comes when I am ignorant.

Maybe improving the shining moments means I need to stop being ok with moderate piano playing and seek to become a concert pianist. Why not?

(I will tell you why not. I don't like sharps or flats.)

(And also, I've already got a gig being a Professional Sippy Cup Refiller.)

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