I Taught Him Everything He Knows

This is my nephew Jay. Or Jamison.

A week or so ago, Jay emailed the family asking for donations on behalf of his baseball team. Except, this letter he sent was very well-written. It included all sorts of incentives and explanations and business appeal.

Now listen. This Jay, he's rightly advanced. Socially. He is a pre-teen who thinks like a savvy twenty-one-year old, far too competitive and talented at sports for his own good and down right charming. I am entirely convinced God gave him a round freckled-face so he'd at least look his age. All this to say, I wouldn't put it past him to write a sophisticated email of this type. But still. I wanted to investigate.

So I wrote him back:
Jamison, did you really write this email? If you did, I will pledge twenty dollars for your team.

To which he responded:
You know as well as I do that my mom wrote it. I think you should pledge $30 for my honesty.

Jay's mom (my sister-in-law Suze)
has a blog about being a
professional negotiator
(with herself).

A new favorite blog to read:

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