It's Raining Mormons (And They're Blogging About It)

I had the most intriguing time
talking to Ms. Krista Kapralos of the Religion Dispatches on the Birth of the Bloggernacle (Mormon blogging). It is always good to soften the ego to room temperature before engaging in interviews with well-studied reporters. Krista had me thinking for days about our conversation and what I should've said. I think she represented well what I wanted to convey about being a blogger of peculiarity and Mormon-ness. Hopefully it isn't apparent that by the end of the phone call with Krista I was begging for mercy. Oh sweet mercy!

I was asked if I would be surprised if I got a call from my bishop about content on my blog. I thought about that one all week. Does my bishop care about what I write on my blog? If I were to tell about how I went out with my mother for coffee on a Tuesday night (hypothetically speaking) would he call me into his office? And if he did would he be more concerned that I was drinking coffee or that my mother wasn't at City Council Meeting with him?

Then on Sunday my bishop did call me into his office. His face was really serious and concerned.

"Sister Kendrick." He started.

"Yes, Bishop." I choked.

"How are you?"


"Brother Kendrick?"


"The Chief?"


Then a stern look.

"Have you written about me on your blog lately?"

"No." I defended.

"Well, why not?" He retorted.

So now I know. My bishop does care about the content of my blog. Hopefully Ms. Kapralos will ask me the same question again for Birth of the Bloggernacle Part Two. This time I am prepared.

You can read the Religion Dispatches article here yo.

And you can also follow a Mormon blog discussion on The Frog here. I would love to hear from you. Yes, you. You interesting blog reader you.

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