I felt strange this morning.

It felt like having a lost popcorn kernel shell impossible to find in your mouth. The tongue gets hired to sweep around in an effort to locate the progressively annoying shell. Is it on the roof? Budge-less deep in the back gums? Or worse, half-way down the throat?

The clock told me I had time before alarms were to ring throughout the house, so I sat in my strangeness wondering what was missing. When all checked out well, I got up to greet my laptop and quickly realized that it had been decades since I had written a proper post. On my blog.


So all day long I thought about a subject for my post-hiatus comeback. But nothing happened today. Really, nothing. At least, here I am at ten o'clock and I can't think of one thing I did today that I could evolve into anything worth our time (yours and mine). Plus aside from feeling strange I feel terribly rusty.

We did spend a couple hours in our (now) empty living room. The empty comes from our cleaning out the space to get ready for the spice. Since yesterday we've spent most of our time rolling around on the available carpet in and out of the moving sunshine and shade. Did I say a couple hours? Come to think of it, I spent the entire day in that room. Children with me, Lucy visiting and when Chup came home he joined us. It is so refreshing to be in a room sans furniture, I am now rethinking the whole couches are a necessity.

See what I mean?

Couches or not, I am back from hiatus.

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