Winning Winners

Oh Humanity! Who knew?

My family and I have had such a fun weekend reading your entries to my FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY EVER! Thank you for making our weekend. Here, here is a cyber hug from me.

The problem with GIVEAWAYS is having to pick a few winners. I really wish I had 2,784 books to give out. And extras for your moms.

Late last night Chup and I decided to pick the comments that came in variations of our favorite numbers, thus the winners are:


Hi, Court!

I'm not from Azlacastan but from Monterrey, Mexico that might as well be Azlacastan since in Mexico we have many places with names like that! I would LOVE to have your book as a way to remind me the exceptional gift that is being a mother to 5 beautiful girls and still have a smile on my face. I admire you and your amazing family and how you guys inspire my life with tales of sisterhood, friendship, FAITH and above all LOVE. I pray every day so you find the energy and strength to take care of Nie and her family and that they recover fully to continue growing their four BEAUTIFUL children (your little CHIEF is gorgeous toooo!!!!) Take care and a big hug from your friend in Monterrey, Mexico.


I was happy to see that our first winner shares the same opinion with me about The Chief being gorgeous.) (Wait, is that an opinion, or is that a fact?) (Fact right?) Five girls too, wow, this woman deserves more than just my book . . .

And the next one:

Starke Family said...


Our second winner not only said YOU ROCK!!!! (Four exclamations marks, Humanity, four!) but actually typed out the audible sound of rocking. Starke Family, you won DEEEERRRRNEEERRRNEEERR!

If our fine winners will drop me an e-mail at cjanemail @ gmail .com I will drop them a book in the mail.

Thank you Humanity. Wow. Thank you.

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