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Nie Recovery
Dec 8th: Coming Soon to Nie Recovery

In Nie Nie's honor we have collected a lovely host of handmade gifts. We have new treasures from Etsians, bloggers, designers, and Nie lovers from around the world. Enjoy your very own Nie handmade mall and support the cause of Nie Recovery. It's sure to add some unexpected jolly to the little stocking in your soul.

Nie Tees1. Nie Tees: Remaining Winners Available

If you want Nie Chi, Heart Collage, or I Heart Nie on a Women’s fitted, relaxed, plus size, long sleeve hoodie or kids, infants, onesies, sweatshirt . . . go to Nie Recovery at Cafe Press. Order by December 9th to guarantee your Nie Tee for Christmas delivery!

A Handmade Christmas2. A Handmade Christmas

December 2008

Shop for your for your sister, mother, best friend, and daughter in your slippers and slip. Enjoy your very own virtual Nie shopping mall and support the cause of Nie Recovery.

3. Latte-Versary

Tuesday, Dec 16th,
Join Stephanie's personal shopper, Reachel Bagley, in celebrating Christian & Stephanie's eighth wedding anniversary. She will be throwing them a virtual soiree at her fashion blog: Cardigan Empire. Festivities will include auctions, giveaways, and more. A sprinkling of nouns and adjectives that could accurately glitter your imagination are: apron, sparkle, holiday, and anthropologie. Mark you virtual calendars, because this is going to be nothing short of lovely.

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