Prayers Heard, Snow Falling

Photo taken at last year's family ski party

I was able to have a sleep-over
with Steph this weekend. We sat up late in her hospital room talking about hot boys, eating Gatorade-flavored ice chips, while trading child-rearing secrets.

It was like that. Sorta.

I wanted to write more about it, but we bought a mammoth Christmas tree (which Jane affectionately calls "Butterball") which might take me the remaining days of December to decorate fully, which I will do if that is what it takes, which shows you my determination for holiday spice.


Pictures of our prolific tree later, until then, I wanted you to know that your continual prayers are still being heard. Stephanie is doing well, she continues rehab everyday and works so hard. Our pride in her determination is almost as full as Butterball. Maybe more. But, she still has miles ahead of her, months of work left until she can come home.

Oh, please excuse me. It is snowing big lazy flakes. It's time to get our winter celebration on.

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