My First Ever Give Away Ever!

Speaking of my book (are we still speaking about my book?) I'd like to give a couple away as my itsty bitsy little tiny way of thanking blogdom for their absolute, astounding goodness. I will give you the weekend to decide if you want to comment and thereby enter in the drawing. Come Monday I am going to be sending off two SIGNED books to two LUCKY people. I don't care if you live in Azlacastan. I am coming to you.

By-the-way, if you do decide to enter MY FIRST GIVE AWAY EVER! will you so kindly tell me where you are visiting from? And if you say "Pam from Azlacastan" I know you are lying 'cause I made Azlacastan up just now.

Also, you can enter for your mom if she doesn't know how to comment. But my mom can't enter because I already gave her one.

And so forth.

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