Fancy Pants!

Things that made me smile today:

Lucy and Lindsay baby bump door stump. I love these ladies. I love Lucy's unborn child. I love Lindsay's peanut chocolate chunk cookies.

The worst thing that happened to me this weekend was when my eldest brother Steve made me watch this SNL clip called Fancy Pants. Fancy Pants is one of those unfortunate songs that gets embedded on the brain and causes all vocabulary to fit into the tune. If you watch the clip you will shortly see what I mean. Still, I cannot resist a rousing dance routine. It is the weak spot in my sworn soberness.

My friend Katy does a webcast called "Cooking for One" on this particular episode her eldest sister Karen gives her some really helpful tips. In chiffon. And she says things like "You want to appear the way you want your food to appear." Or "You need to always wash your hands even though you are cooking for one. Even though all the germs are your own." Velvet pants too. Toes done.

Don't miss the outtakes here.

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