Don't Drink, Have Babies

Chup and I took The Chief for some Greek food this afternoon. We ordered falafel, potatoes, green salad, rice, pita and hummus. The Chief was kind enough to let us have his leftover crumbs. He takes no edible prisoners, my son.

As we sat there at the table, The Chief in his first restaurant-provided high chair, I thought about how Chup and I used to lunch together nearly everyday. It was what we did. We worked from home, we went out to lunch, we took a nap, we ate candy, we ate left-overs for dinner and stayed up to IM eachother from across the hall on our respective computers.

But as much as that lifestyle was observably charming all-the-while I daydreamed of a baby. And I wanted to know that our free-spirited lifestyle--as blissful as it was--could be easily upgraded by means of an offspring. Or, in other words, my desires for motherhood weren't in vain.

At our table Chup continued to smash potatoes in a pile with tiny drops of hummus to aid in the smoothing. It made for a perfect baby food. The Chief inhaled, swashed it around with his tongue, decidedly swallowed and opened his gate for more. I have met Sean Astin in real life and still (STILL) this was undeniably the cutest thing I had ever seen. Or hope to see, because this was like heart-breaking cute. The kinda cute that makes your chest pound and see double.

"Chup. I don't care that we are commanded not to drink." I said, bringing up Mormon doctrine as I floated between the past and the present.

"Why?" He said, continuing the feeding.

"Because babies are equally intoxicating." I sighed.

They can buzz you like a trillion cocktails. Slur your speech and make you lose your mental functioning. I imagine that you never get over the hang-over. Impossible sobriety.

When The Chief was done licking our plates, he looked like the personification of a food fight. Chup cleaned him up until he was sparkling. Just like new. We took him shopping where we bought him Christmas presents . . . because we can.

Which makes me say, if you are thinking about asking for a baby for Christmas I'd give you my thumbs up. Even if Santa can't deliver your wish for awhile . . .

(take it from me)

just keep asking.

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