What A Feelin, Bein's Believin!

Today I wore my leg warmers
and I don't care what you think about leg warmers. Leg warmers are phenomenal accessories because they function to do one thing: warm my legs. Don't you know that when your body senses that your legs are cold it sends a message to the brain that you need more hair on your legs to keep you warm? Hairy legs? Ugh. I mean, unless you like hairy legs. Then, hairy legs? Hooray!

But also, my legs are a bit white in this bitter cold climate I call the Mountain West. Even though today was like seventy degrees outside and the children and I spent the afternoon on our backyard jungle gym (thank you BobAnn) eating grilled cheese and fishy crackers. In all that time I really should've uncovered my legs from my leg warmers to tan them up a bit. But you know, it is hard to think about these things when the girls are singing "You better watch out, you better not cry . . ." Why? Why? "I'm tellin' you why. Santa Claus is coming to town." In like seventy days.

Maybe I'll ask for a tan for Christmas.

Or more leg warmers?

Mine are gray. I do have a set of brown but they always shrink down to my ankles every time I wear them. I haven't thrown them out yet because I think I might start working out to tone-up my calves. Then those brown leg warmers will fit snug for sure! Anyway, gray and sort of cable knit. That about describes my current leg warmers.

Chup hhhates them.

(His problem.)

I wear them with skirts. Black, pencil, Mexican and cotton skirts. Did you know that skirts come in all those varieties? Well, they do. Call the Banana Repub.

I am not a professional dancer either, just someone who likes to keep their legs warm. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love to dance! But I don't get paid to do it which makes my leg warmer wearing just a simple pastime. I think that is special.

Jane asked for leg warmers today. I think I just might splurge and get her some. She is named after me, you know, so she might as well know the secrets of my success . . . leg warmers and being my ability to wiggle my ear without the use of my hands.

Now I am rethinking ear muffs.

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