Thanks For The Giving: A Photo Essay

A red head, a pilgrim, a disguised spidey, a postpartum (wait? can I still claim postpartum?) woman and her scrumptious baby. (NOW TRY HIM WITH CRANBERRY SAUCE!)

Gigs The Newsie.

Read it here!
People Have Near Perfect Thanksgiving!

(Sorry for the blur, it what happens when I am at the helm of the camera . . .)

What You've Got Before Your Eyes?
Lisa V's Apple Pies!

In the Living Room, post dinner.
Uncle Topher is playing the piano.
Children are dancing.
(Some are crying.)

Katy is always first on the scene doing clean up.

We thank our brother Matt for marrying her in the first place.

The next photo was to be of us at our Thanksgiving Evening Activity- ice skating at the Provo Peaks Arena-- but they were closed. Yes, despite the fact that we called ahead to confirm they would be open AND called the hotline that night ("We will be open on Thanksgiving Night from 5-9!") we arrived with eager children (I even had my old mission white ice skates slung over my shoulder) to a dark building.
Shame on you Provo Peaks Arena Ice Skating Rink!
Shame on you!

And anyway . . . good weekend to all!

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