Friday Morning

This morning it was either blog or snuggle with The Chief.

It was almost a hard choice.

Have a happy weekend!
Later . . .
But, just a note (now that I've done some snuggling and Umi just took him from me . . . not like nine babies was enough for her . . .)
What is it about motherhood inducing cannibalism?
I desire to eat my child. Dribble him with mustard sauce. Or a toss of pico de gallo. Perhaps between two monstrous pieces of foccia bread. I could lick is head--like a mother cat--for hours.
Have his toes for dessert.
And now I am salivating . . .
p.s. Umi just advised, "Don't worry, it's organic."
Later still . . .
I have decided on a peanut curry sauce. Over rice.

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