Now You Really Want To Buy Tickets

I have a mantra, it is this: There is no shame in having no shame.

Last night Mindy Gledhill and her amazingly talented friends, Spence and Kendra, performed a mini-concert for my family in my parent's living room. Let me pause here so that I can find the words to describe how the evening was for us.

Alas, there are no words.

This concert is going to be amazing.

And should you think it will be a somber event, I will ask you to think again. In fact, I will ask you to please watch the video below. Yes, it is me with Mindy singing that ol' Charlie Chaplin song Smile. It will move you. It will inspire you to buy tickets. It will make you call your friends and say "To heck with it all, let's get in our SUV and drive ten hours across the desert, stopping for treats in Kanab and Page and maybe some turquise earrings at Gap. Let's leave the children with their fathers. Let's make memories. Let's . . . smile."

Plus, we still have so much to announce yet about this event.

But for now, put your hands together for Smile:

That's right, I wanna hear your applause Austraila.

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