Just Pretend We Are In Your Living Room

Purple coat and brown freckles, our Jane wishes for more snow

Our waiting game has begun.

Page just sent word from Maricopa that Steph's skin grafts are taking and things look exceptionally well. We just wait to see how treatments go from here. It is along process, sometimes I can't believe that it has been almost two months. Two months!

They will allow her to wake up as soon as they can, we don't know when that will be exactly. But we'll be ready.

Christian continues to visit Steph in between session at his in-patient rehab facility. He is so sweet and can't go five minutes without describing something wonderful about his wife.

The kids are enamored with the weather. Snow seems to occupy their thoughts most of the time. If only life were so simple . . . right?

Lucy was just made Young Women's President in her ward.

Ric's good grandmother passed away this week.

Gigs is really into whispering messages in your ear. His favorite greeting currently is "Happy!" which is short for "Happy Halloween." You know, as in that high maintenance holiday coming up?

Chup weatherized our house tonight. We said good night to our trusty swamp cooler.

The Chief is teething.

I've got this hangnail that hurts. Throbbing. How could something so small cause me so much anguish? Otherwise, I had a deep slumber nap today and Chup said I woke-up with rosy cheeks and stars in my eyes.

I wish the same for Steph.

And soon.

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