Jaimee Rose If You Read This Please Know That You Are Still My Favorite Reporter. And Send Cupcakes STAT!

Barb Smith from abc Utah came to have a little sit down chat with me yesterday. She wanted to promote the 5k for Nie event organized by Nie's high school friends. Barb herself will even be there, hot dog!

Look for the segment to air tomorrow on channel 4, 5:oo. I'll post a link online if I look hot. And only if I look hot.

While we were at it, I also encouraged Barb to send out some promo for the Mother in Me Book Launch going on Saturday at the Deseret Book here in the University Mall. All proceeds of book sales for that day are going to Nie! And good gravy I will be there with my Segullah friends making jolly and whatever making jolly means.

And then, Barb was really sweet. She picked up the book and the photographer shot a photo of us like the Utah Pioneer Daughters (Blonde till We Die) that we are!

Separated at birth? Hmmmm.

Anyway, my pink sweater was purchased second hand from a second hand clothing store. I would mention the name of the second hand clothing store, but don't you think I've done enough promotion for one post?

I'm exhausted from all the love.

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