Who Uses The Term "Drama Queen" Anymore Anyway?

After blessing The Chief last Sunday I waited in the hallways of the chapel for my parents. The Councilwoman and The State Representative are well-known in these parts and they hold court on occasion. My mom was chatting with my bishop's wife about neighborhood issues while my dad was meeting family members of a woman who he had helped when he was in the Stake Presidency. I waited patiently (I am used to it) bouncing The Chief in my arms. Finally, just when the crowd started to thin around my parents I heard my dad clearly say to a man in my ward,

"Oh yes, our daughter is in your ward now . . . You'll have to keep an eye on her, she's a drama queen."

I was so embarrassed.

"Dad!" I exclaimed later as we took family photos, "I can't believe you told Brother Wood that I am a drama queen."

"Well, you are." He answered smoothly.

I used to be a drama queen back in the day when it was permitted to be one given changing hormones and social pressures. But now? Now I am a mature woman who keeps it real by using food to absorb any sort of erratic emotions.

Hadn't he noticed?

Seriously, my feelings are hurt so bad.

I'm going to hold my breath until he apologizes.

Until then, you can check out his re-election campaign blog designed by his favorite little drama queen.

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