Smells Like Art

Tonight I made fish for dinner.

And when all was done and devoured the smell of my kitchen was reminiscent of Pike Place Market.

"Chup" says I "Lets stroll over the the Art Museum and see the Victorian exhibit and air this place out."

(Chup fancies Waterhouse, I am a swooner for a Pre-Raphaelites in a gilded frame, and The Chief hadn't seen nothin' yet.)

When our baby was strapped into his carriage properly away we went.

Upon our arrival at the museum we were tantalized by the modern art, so we spent some time Googleing various pieces on Chup's Blackberry. Because what does it all mean? Can't someone just tell me what it means? We worked on our artistic investigation skills until our brains hurt as much as our feet.

But Modern Art, I'll always love you.

So we took the elevator down to the (easy to interpret) Victorians. And there we saw this gorgeous Waterhouse:
Which was my favorite because it was about a powerful and tragic heroine Mariamne.

Powerful and tragic? Remind you of anyone?

Anyone you know?

(Hint: not Hillary)

Moving on.

Chup's favorite was Linell's The Return of Ulysses:

"Because the Odyssey is the master of all epics and you read along wondering when Ulysses will ever get home. This is the scene that ends it all." Emoted Chup.

And I added dryly, "Yeah. He gets home and his wife is married to someone else."

(Like Cast Away?)

"Oh no, no no." Chup quietly corrected me. "She . . . waited."

Want to see the romantic side of your English-Major husband? Try a little Victorian.


The Chief liked this painting best of all:

I thought it was because he wanted to grow up to be a valiant knight who saves the fair maiden.

But no.

"It's because the lady looks like you."

"She does?" I asked confused.

"Yes right before you feed me my dinner."

Speaking of dinner, when we got home from our colorful family outing the kitchen still smelled like food from the sea. So we drove out and bought ourselves a lemon candle.

A scent we all understood and agreed on.

What does your candle smell like?

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