Day 1 OF GOOD REPORT or My Testimony of Fresh Eggs

Ah yes, I know it's not hip these days to have happy blog. We all must have our levels of "disorder" or "sarcasm" in order to be counted as a "real" blogger. Reality? I had a whole dose of it last week and truthfully, I have no taste for it. I'd rather be caught dead with whimsicality. After all, I christened this blog "enjoy it" and I intend to do just that . . . a whole week's worth.

So I royally welcome you to the week called Of Good Report wherein I blog about a various variety of variables that are gaining a sturdy reputation from me. (Also, there is a free allowance of alliteration--my personal favorite punch of punctuation.) From Monday to Friday I am going to be posting a list of lovelies. I am infusing happy back into my blogging routine, even should Retro House burn down on Wednesday, this I swear.

And so it begins . . .

Provo's Farmer's Marke
t (Pioneer Park on 500 W 100 S): My smally family stopped off at the market last Saturday morning. We perused each booth (not long though, the market place is crowd-ded). There were fresh cherries, raspberries and some early peaches. I saw books, jewelry and a whole tent of tie dyed wonders. Chup enjoyed the car show and The Chief loved the corners of live music (rock and roll in the park, Ozark fiddles near the produce). My friend Lori Stubbs was about with her table of vegetables yanked moments before from her farm (later in the year we like to buy our pumpkins from her.) There was artisan bread, salsa sampling and homemade honey ("We have our own bees" I heard them explain as we passed by) glistening in golden sunlit bottles. Lunch was served at several ethnic food tents and I visably drooled as our nosed sampled smells from each represented country. I also eyed a booth that sold fresh farm eggs. Because I have two sisters with chickens, there is plenty of fuel in my testimony of fresh eggs. They are phenomenally better than store bought. Eggs so colorful that opening a carton was more like exploring a new box of crayons. BUY FRESH EGGS AND FEEL THE DIFFERENCE! Last of all were the several soap makers, from lavender, lemon to chocolate. Only I didn't buy any soap because . . .

CW's Lavender Exfoliation Soap:
I was a undeserving recipient of CW/Dalene's Lavender Exfoliation Soap, in actuality, I was just in the right place and the right time. But oh how I count my lucky stelliforms that I was because this soap has just the right scent and texture. It even looks good just molded up in my bathroom cupboard next to my facial towels and bottle of cotton. I remember her telling us that it takes months to make her magical soap, so if you need to smell good in September, you might want to see if she'll take orders today. Rumor has it she is going to experiment with a rain scented soap. . .

This Post: Because it made me laugh all weekend.

Please note: On Friday I will be asking any, all and available readers to please post-in-comments their own Of Good Reports. So please, please, please put on your thinking caps or sombreros or tuques . . . and post back to me the happy feather in your hat.

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