RAD Edition 3- Go Easy Cowboy

It is eleven thirteen by the clock on my NEW LAPTOP!

(You got it!

New microwave, NEW LAPTOP!

Chup loves his woman.)

And I am thinking it is time for another RAD installment.

The definition of RAD is as follows:

Every once in awhile I do this thing called RAD which is my neighbor Emily's (I love to say that) term for Reader Appreciation Day. How it works, see, is that I respond to everyone's comment to show that I appreciate every single ding dong dang comment that I receive (except rude ones or ones that are pornographic in any nature, or rude and pornographic comments. Perverts.) But it is true, most of the time the comments I get--from you folks--are far more clever than my post. Sometimes so clever that my feelings get hurt. Just a little.

I will respond to all comments and general inquiries for twenty-four hours.

Ready? Set? START!

P.S. Also tell me where you are going on your summer vacation so that I can feel jealous. As of this writing, The Chief is my summer vacation. He smells better than the ocean. Promise.

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