I Love Lucy (So Will You)

Lucy showed up at my house.

"You look like you are losing weight." She told me.

So I gave her three wishes.

And here is what she wished:

1.) She wished to hold The Chief. The Chief will actually smile and coo at Lucy. He thinks she is really swell. This is a far cry from when I hold him. He makes rampant-and-desperate sucking signals and acts as though he is STARVINGGGGG!

2.) She wished for me to advertise for her on my blog. For awhile now I've been persuading Lucy to start up her own cleaning business. She is an amazing organizer with an uncanny ability to clean spaces. I had her organize my entire kitchen in The Retro House. Already she has been hired by family members to scrub their kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms or whatever room needs the most attention. She's phenomenal. If you live in the Orem/ Provo area (or close enough) and are looking for a little help around your housey e-mail Lucy.


Also, she might be willing to do nanny work. Just don't feel bad if your children like her better than you. I know how you feel.

3.) She wished for me to get an ice cream cone with her at the BYU Creamery. I got one scoop of peanut butter, she had one scoop of strawberry and Chup went for a nice rounded dish of rocky road.

Thus ended the day that c jane was c genie.

(Seriously, e-mail Lucy. You can thank me later.)

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