I Like Pina Coladas, But Not Wrapping Vaccum Cords

Heck yes I am one of those people who believes in rewarding self. I give myself the honor of awarding my own behavior quite frequently. Like today, I was such a good girl who got all of her vacuuming done (whilst her wee one slept) that I gave myself two treats from the towering happy-baby-Mrs. Fields-cookie-gram that arrived in the mail from Chup's company. I just love a tender cookie gram. Don't you?

But my self-given kindness didn't stop at a double chocolate cookie and a mini toffee slab of fudge. No, I went ahead and allowed myself a nap in the sun (whilst my wee one slept encore) which was followed by a pina colada (which was actually a Green Apple Powerade . . . which reminds me of the time I shared an accidentally loaded pina colada with my infant nephew Phun and still spoke in church the next day. Remind me to tell you about it sometime.)

Later I answered my phone. That made Chup so happy that he drove me to Nordstrom where I ascended the escalator and bought myself a couple cardigans that my SIL Megan tipped me off to (thanks Meg!)

And why stop there?

I remembered earlier when after I finished vacuuming I spent the extra five minutes and wound the cord all nice and tight. (As a side note, my mother declared to me the other day, "I don't believe in wrapping up vacuum cords." How is that for some powerful dogma?) Anyway, so for my extra mile efforts with the vacuum cord I threw in a new pair of sunglasses. They are so hot they could melt butter. (Who needs a microwave, really?)

Now it is late at night and I am tired. Funny, when I look back on my day all I remember is nursing. I think that is all I did today. As a result, I've got this funny kink in my neck. And I smell like newborn (love it), which reminds me of what a giving, patient mother I am turning out to be. Seriously.

What's the reward for that sort of sacrifice?

And does it come in blue?

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