And They Also Cleaned Up After

Remember that clean kitchen photo I posted yesterday? Well, Lucy and Ric came over to mess it up a little by the way of dinner.

Hello Food. It's c jane. I hated you, loathed you, yea even puked you up for nine months. But not no more. Now we are all smiles. Savannah Smiles.

When people bring me food it's like they present gold at my feet. Lemon bars, tropical salsa, rosemary bread, frozen enchiladas, spring rolls, vegetable masala, cucumber yogurt salad. I could build a temple with all the vittles.

I think I just might.

Anyway, Lucy and Ric made their Championship breakfast burritos. Eggs fresh from the farm. Melted mozzarella. And heck yes potatoes. Grilled to perfection and seasoned with Lowry's. Smothered mine in green sauce.

Does it sound like love?

Cause it is.

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