This Little Light of Mine

The Wow Pow Wow

Word got out that Chup recently purchased two highly-powered lasers. One laser, if concentrated on a dark object, will start that object on fire. Case-in-point: Chup blackened out a match with a Sharpie and low-and-behold we got a healthy flame! So I threw out all of my steel wool and batteries. The other laser has a potent beam which can carry light to beyond this galaxy. In otherwords, Chup isn't as interested in me anymore.

Say a prayer for our relationship.

As I said, word got out that Chup was in possession of these babies and oh how it attracted the older nieces and nephews of our inner family circle. All day long they would text me: Can we see the lasers tonite?

It might be good to note here that "tonite" is the teen's way of spelling "tonight." Lazy, but I'm just being current.

Finally after much contemplation and meditation and constipation (not really) Chup decided to allow the Texting Ones to behold the great power of his lasers via a light show. First, the kiddies had to come to our house for a "Lasers are not a toy, they are practically illegal . . ." demonstration:

Secondly, we separated into two groups. I took a car load to a designed field on BYU campus. Chup took another caravan to the foothills.

Thirdly, we spent the rest of the evening shining the lasers from the hill to the field, or, from the field to the hill, in what was--honestly--a very exhilarating laser extravaganza. At one point the exchange was so intense that I peed my britches!

Yes, I even lost interest in myself.

Fourthly, we called Lucy and Ric who could also see the lasers from their spot on Grandview.

Fifthly, this is the most masculine-ish post I've ever written. Please share it with your husband who thinks you are weird for reading my blog. ("c jane even writes about lasers honey!")

Sixthly, this is a very interesting picture of my nephew, Alex the Teen Poet, who sometimes leaves very (long) invaluable comments on my blog, on our way to the field:

Lasers bring out the best in us it's true. Chup is going to start running his own vision correction clinic. We're going to call it Lazixxx. We'll charge a dollar . . . and . . . a quarter. Get your own insurance.

Welcome to 20/20 Baby!

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