An Open Letter to Chup

Dear Chup,

I hope this post finds you well in Wichita.


I thought I'd write about my day.

I woke up.

Ate a banana.

Went back to bed.

I woke up.

Had some ice.

Picked up Seth (and his oblong orange balloon) from Kindergarten. Took him home.

Went inside Page's house. Collapsed on the red Love Sac.

Vivy brushed my hair with a massive orange-hair-entangled brush.

Slept for another three hours.

I woke up.

Had some cherry tomatoes.

Went home.

Took a nap.

I woke up.

Threw up the banana, ice and cherry tomatoes.

Went to my parent's.

Had dinner.

Wanted to throw up dinner, but asked myself kindly not to do that.

Called you. Cried.

(You remember.)

Talked to my brother Steve while he changed his clothes, he hath no shame.

Texted Bobby.

My Dad gave me a blessing.

(I can do it!)

Came home.

Put feet up.

The Chief has the hiccups.

(I think it was the Izze. Sorry Chief.)

We miss you.

Both of us.


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