So Raise Your Eyes To Heaven And Pray

November first has long been my favorite day of the year. In commercialism-speak, it's practically Christmas. I like to think of it as the beginning of the end. In calendar-speak, it's practically 2008 already.

I am also onto a new trimester and by jove, I feel better already. This morning I didn't wake up thinking I was going to heave last night's mini snickers (offered to me by a darling Phoebe) but instead awoke feeling ravenously hungry. Big difference.

I need to mention here, for those of you who come in contact with me on a daily basis, that your consideration is requested. There is a certain word that can actually set of a very dramatic spasm of dry heaving when it is uttered in my presence. It is the noun for a classic American meal consisting of dough (in a round), sauce of tomatoes, cheese, and other items which are commonly called "toppings." For instance, while we were out the other day, Chup innocently suggested that we lunch at California _ _ _ _ _ Kitchen. And while I was doubled over in my agony, Chup laughed uproariously. I guess it's funny?

I also cut my hair in big chunks off my head. Well, I didn't actually cut it myself, a girl named Jill did. She was perky enough, although, she mistakenly left the back a bit too long which Chup snipped using his own trimming scissors and great eye for style. I have a testimony of short hair, I know it's true. So true. Amen.

I'd like to write more about the grandiose that is ma vie, but I can't stop thinking about how my brother "Little Jesse" showed up at my parent's house last night in a skin-tight lycra Batman outfit complete with a mask and mini-cape. Not to be outdone, Topher arrived to the party as "Woody" cow-lined chaps and all. It wasn't right. It just wasn't right. But now, the day after, I keep wondering how hot Chup would've looked in either costume. Instead, he donned a kimono smoking jacket that he picked up in Japan. I mean, for a 6'5" white guy who doesn't smoke, it looked a little ill-fitting. But Chup in the Batman get-up? How do you say Yes please! in Japanese?

Oh well, there is always next year . . .

***A big thanks to my website designer Jed Wells. I told him I wanted a "banner with a bird" and instead he gave me a make-over with a smile. The dude has massive talent.***

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