How Chup and I Celebrate Our Love, Read On

Christopher and I forgot it was our anniversary last week. We realized it tonight as we were making fun of someone we know who forgot their own birthday. I think it is perfectly alright to make fun of people when it's just you and your spouse and you are doing it because it makes you laugh together. Don't feel bad about it either because truthfully other couples are probably laughing at you too. That is classic marriage counseling advice I just gave you for free.

I confess I am sorta proud that we forgot our anniversary. It's like we are so in love that we don't need an anniversary to remind us of that aspect of our relationship. Don't start with that "Wait until you have kids, things will change" crap because we've chosen not to buy into that song and dance. We're in love. It's too late. There is nothing you can do about it.

To commemorate our love year-round Chup and I participate in home projects. One year we mosaic-ed our dinning room table. The next year we moved into our double-wide and tried to make it double-wonderful. Usually our projects work like this: I have the idea, Chup comes up with the engineering, I control creativity, Chup oversees safety. We are the embodiment of form and function. But now I am just bragging.

This year I decided on a glowing Thanksgiving garland. We used deco podge to make colorful globes. When they were dried and hardened I wrote one word across the front of for what we grateful. Interestingly, all of our words started with "F" (no jokes please.)


Okay so we were pushing it with FĂȘtes.

When all the globes were finished, Chup constructed a wire with hanging light bulbs. Each globe was then attached to each bulb and behold! they did glow!

Next, for safety purposes Chup measured the heat of each bulb inside the globe. This was so that our Glowing Thanksgiving Garland didn't turn into the Burning Thanksgiving Garland, which could easily turn into the Burned-Down-Double-Wide. Then we'd be saying an entirely different F word this holiday.

I am glad we decided to do the Thanksgiving garland instead of my Thanksgiving creche idea. The full vision was to recreate the first Thanksgiving, Pilgrims, Indians, Turkeys and all. I wanted to make the pilgrims out of corn husks but Chup insisted on Fisher-Price dolls. (You think I am kidding, but this discussion actually occurred.) When no agreement was made we abandoned ship (the Mayflower) and thus our garland was born.

Besides Celine being on Oprah today, Chup is the best thing that ever happened to me. I can't wait for many more projects in our future. Like a safari-themed nursery. Real animatronics. Bear with me.

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