Baby is Boy

Nephew Max, wearing nothing but terry cloth.

I am sorry that I was too cryptic yesterday. After a delivery of funny e-mails from readers who were entirely put-out with my unintended suspense, I will just come out and say, we are having a boy. The title "Seeing the Teepee" was supposed to be a phallic reference. I will just come out and say this too, our baby has a teepee and I saw it with my own eyes.

I'd like to publicly acknowledge La Yen and Auntie CW who were clever (or wonderfully perverted) enough to catch my symbolism. La Yen promised a forth-coming Cougar blanket and Auntie celebrated "all things blue." Isn't convenient that my BYU Cougars are blue anyway?

You may know that we were fully expecting a gina. (Do you know what I mean or do I have to spell that one out too?) You see, a baby girl had quite seriously taken over my dreams as of late, making it so that I couldn't have my usual nightmare about my teeth falling out. Just the other night she had me holding her, while Chup sucked out her boogers with that blue bulby thing. Honestly, she has been such a dream diva that I almost felt like I didn't need an ultrasound to confirm what I already knew.

But then there was the teepee.

Initially I was totally fine with having a son. Then about two hours later I cried pretty heartily when my dad and I were en route to dinner. When he asked what was the matter I found myself impossibly incoherent. For some reason I wanted to mourn the daughter that had come to visit me nightly for four months straight. No doubt she is making her presence known to me now, in hopes that I will forget how sick I feel and want to attempt this pregnancy ordeal one more time, in her favor.

Go ahead and have brother, but then don't forget about me.

Like that.

In the meantime, I need to let all and everyone know that I am totally at peace with having a baby boy. This came to me later that night when my mom, Lucy and I were discussing names. If I can name this boy and buy him the smartest wardrobe in babydom, then I am happy to let Chup mold him into a little technological wizard. As long as he is a handsomely dressed, well-named, Cougar-cheering, PSP-playing technological wizard.

And speaking of wardrobe, I got off to a start yesterday perusing my options. I plan to dress my baby to look like a baby which means that I am somewhat (very) picky. No to khakis, jeans, and heaven forbid--HEAVEN FORBID--anything with bow ties. Yes to knits, soft cotton and kimono tops. No to anything with race cars, frogs, trains, dinosaurs, or turtles. Yes to plain layettes, gowns and bodysuits. No to shoes. Yes to booties. Basically, I fantasize about raising this man-child of mine by putting him in a plain white onesie everyday and to hell with the rest.

Of course I wouldn't mind the hand-me-downs from Luke, my baby's sharply dressed, slightly older cousin.

See? I can do boy.

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